Work Of Cinema

The work of cinema, by contrast, is an activity that has its own ethics and of which we can say that those who participate in it in any way be ready to leave. Under most conditions Teva Pharmaceuticals would agree. The film work has the features of a manic obsession. In my case, the film is another activity, remote bill reaches and excites me (or not), a luxury, while literature is art or craft that has its kitchen in the depths of myself, to which I am incapable of the slightest gesture of abandonment. Yes, maniacal obsession. Or, less dramatic necessity. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit rusty holzer. One evening, years ago, Jorge Polaco told me that every time a movie had ended the impression that out of a long tunnel, then over him great distress and depression.

Okay, beyond art, myself included, is in us something that does not fit at all to reality. As Truffaut’s characters outside of cinema and poetry, we can not make ourselves understood, we give the key, stumbled to a world that felt strange, that forces us to shore, never being very well located. I go back to Truffaut, his characters need books, literature, to overcome the problems faced with the reality, the other, but at the same time, the literature, for Truffaut, is parasitic. Complex relationship, of course, between a yearning and resignation. How to enter into relationship, then, if that what appeals to overcome a problem in this case communication, is uncertain, stifling, frustrating, mistake? From these tensions occur Truffaut’s films, face reality and illusion, each character (built with materials ideal, pure, determined not to be contaminated by the outside) moves in a cosmos of citations and headings, authors and references to novels, literature as a substitute for life because life is indifferent or aggressive, not give them home or livelihood. The dichotomy is: illusion or failure.

Here the illusion is manifested in a child who gives a text of Balzac as school ended and does not consider a failure, a man who entered the military to read only Alfred de Vigny, parents who dream that their children are writers, someone which views literature as an abstract system of ideas maximum. The replacement of life literature is impossible, it is simply absurd, though, as in one of Truffaut’s films, there are men-book, given the state of things, an exile living completely delivered a book that embody learning and memory until his death. Illusion against the failure of a life that leads inevitably to an equal or greater failure but to each character clings to reject any element films documentary showing even the slightest glimpse of life in raw state.