Astrology. The Soul Of Man

"First her husband, Boris, I left, he was an atheist '. 'It took a long time, and when he died, I did not go to the funeral. Call me old man Mitrofanov, and said: 'Why do not you go bury Boris? " I said: 'It is an unbeliever. " Passes two-year old man calling me again and said: 'Why do you not remember him? " I have again the same, he suddenly said: 'You know, he's in the kingdom of heaven. " I say: 'How can this be? He did not go to church without communion? " And he told me in reply: 'All his life he do good to people, how many saved, helped, kindness was extraordinary, non-greedy, all gave the neighbors, the time of his life spared, spent happy forces'. And then I slept a veil from my eyes.

I'm all saw it and did not notice '(Life and Akathist Holy Righteous Blessed Matrona of Moscow. Pp. 67, 68). Incidentally, after pointing 'damage' a person feels gravely ill, dry eyes and sore suffers, but the doctors did not find any serious somatic (bodily) diseases. Know about it almost everything: mages (wizards and witches) and their victims.

Therefore, if the medical diagnostic methods performed on appropriate equipment and in the laboratory, indicate serious somatic pathology, illness, this is not deterioration, and the natural disease, this karmic and external conditions of human life, its genetic factors. Indeed, genetic and karmic program rights interrelated. Man's soul inhabits the body, birth parents, with the right of the Soul, the genetic code. That is the soul of man is chosen (karma) a certain body, certain parents to genetic and Karmic program coincided.