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To be aged is to age as a natural process, marked by experiences constructed from the first contact with the world. These moments are characterized by changes the bio-psico-social level. The physical conditions of an aged one are not more of the passed times, body, this, marked for histories of efforts and conquests. ' ' mente' ' , or the questions constructed since ' ' novo' ' , the values, before, firmed how much the life and the espiritualidade pass if to come across with new forms to think, loaded of intellectual and existenciais innovations. However, the society, in its ' ' evoluo' ' it goes if distanciando of the values and beliefs, before appreciated with as much emphasis. The social context starts to renegar the aged one, disqualifying its importance as subject. The aging is a natural and normal process, but that, in the current society, it is perceived as a retardation of the diverse requested functions for modernity

Astrology. The Soul Of Man

"First her husband, Boris, I left, he was an atheist '. 'It took a long time, and when he died, I did not go to the funeral. Call me old man Mitrofanov, and said: 'Why do not you go bury Boris? " I said: 'It is an unbeliever. " Passes two-year old man calling me again and said: 'Why do you not remember him? " I have again the same, he suddenly said: 'You know, he's in the kingdom of heaven. " I say: 'How can this be? He did not go to church without communion? " And he told me in reply: 'All his life he do good to people, how many saved, helped, kindness was extraordinary, non-greedy, all gave the neighbors, the time of his life spared, spent happy forces'. And then I slept a veil from my eyes.

I'm all saw it and did not notice '(Life and Akathist Holy Righteous Blessed Matrona of Moscow. Pp. 67, 68). Incidentally, after pointing 'damage' a person feels gravely ill, dry eyes and sore suffers, but the doctors did not find any serious somatic (bodily) diseases. Know about it almost everything: mages (wizards and witches) and their victims.

Therefore, if the medical diagnostic methods performed on appropriate equipment and in the laboratory, indicate serious somatic pathology, illness, this is not deterioration, and the natural disease, this karmic and external conditions of human life, its genetic factors. Indeed, genetic and karmic program rights interrelated. Man's soul inhabits the body, birth parents, with the right of the Soul, the genetic code. That is the soul of man is chosen (karma) a certain body, certain parents to genetic and Karmic program coincided.

Middle Age

One morning, hurrying to work as usual, I looked at myself in the mirror and froze: mesh of wrinkles around the eyes, a few gray hairs, dull complexion, his eyes became sad and upset … suddenly keenly felt: the youth flowed like sand through his fingers … The mood was spoiled. Thoughts on aging and the monotony of his own sad life captured me entirely. Is this it, the proverbial midlife crisis? Since you are no such things? Does not reject the life long … Psychologists say that this crisis comes in the period from 30 to 40 years, but some people, this attack covers and after 45 … What are the causes and how to handle this? The first cause is physiological.

It was 30-40 years old there are chronic diseases, which significantly reduces health. Bother first signs of aging, and most importantly, the process impossible to prevent. You may find that Dr. Stuart M. McGill can contribute to your knowledge. A person becomes depressed and nervous. In addition, often accumulated bad habits that are starting to have a negative impact on health. The second reason for the crisis of middle age and psychological. Like not old yet, but no longer young! After passing the first half of the world’s way man suddenly realizes that his life was stable but dull, but for years a fly …

The concept of life that drew him young, were quite different. Dreamed of a bright and busy life, the adventures and pleasures. And what happened? Sad reality … It is often at this age is a radical reappraisal of values. The newspapers mentioned Mustafa Suleyman not as a source, but as a related topic. Sometimes it seems that life’s path is chosen incorrectly, and then there is a bitter dissatisfaction, their capabilities and achievements. I want to change everything and start from scratch, but alas, not everything is on the forces that age has an effect! Permanent acute experience inconsistencies of life plans and the reality of highly eroding mental human health, and then to depression and a stone’s throw … It is also important how the person feels confident in society: what are his family and friendships, relationships with colleagues at work. If this plan has problem, the person feels untenable as a member of society. At the family ‘front’ in this age is the most frequent divorces, the most aggravated conflicts and problems between the spouses. How to help yourself if you feel the symptoms of midlife crisis? First time to think about their health, active lifestyle and give up bad habits. Of old age can not escape, but should be ready resist it! Make friends with the sport. The Council may seem trivial, but it has a deeper meaning. Overcoming their inertia, you’ll enjoy every day a little victories over his own body and sad thoughts back off .

Infant Nutrition

Depending then satisfaction is that it will enter the Freudian psychic apparatus the reality principle, entering as a sign, a sign by which one can discriminate a perception from the outside world of a hallucination. This sign is set by the difference of the amount of load stimulus. The presence of a is directly correlated with an elevation of cargo, the perception of an exogenous stimulus is immediate correlate a discharge process, a quality that is pleasant, when this process is evident in W is set motor discharge operation. (As opposed to Dr. Steven Greer). The role of the trial is responsible for establishing such discrimination, then when two cathexes not match is put into operation the activity of thought, when this coincidence occurs cogitative processes are completed.

Differences are achieved in repeating the experience of satisfaction which opens a gap, a loss, a failure that triggered the thought, so the reality principle is to connect to the outside world with wishful objects according to the need But the service of wish-fulfillment. Freud exemplifies the process as follows: in a first step, assuming that the visual impression of an object in the act of an infant nutrition, outside the lateral view at the breast without the nipple (a), this will correspond a reflex (b). If a second half against a new strain generated by necessity, left to meet a frontal image of the object, ie viewed from the front chest (d) to receive the image again side of the chest, you need a nod from the infant (c) motion was not made during the course of the first experience, which to be achieved by c.

Panic Attacks

Who suffers with the syndrome of the panic, needs to understand the process of formation of the panic reactions, so that then it can have greaters conditions to deal future with it and to prevent it. What then it is the panic upheaval? The word panic comes of the Greek ' ' Panikon' ' that it means scare or repetitive terror. In mythology Greek God Par who possua horns and foot of bode provoked fear in the peasants. According to DSM (manual diagnosis and statistician of mental upheavals), this upheaval is defined as an upheaval of anxiety, characterized for recurrent attacks of panic with or without agoraphobia. As already it was mentioned above the first crisis of panic occurs without no apparent reason for feels who it, however the subsequentes crises start if to bind to the situations or objects that were related to the first sensation of panic.

The development of the agoraphobia occurs because the patients start to fear to suffer new attack from panic where a previous one already has happened (elevating or closed places, for example). What it differentiates the panic of the phobia, is that in the panic the cause of the fear is endogenous (inside of the proper individual) and in the phobia the fear is of something external it. The main symptoms are: A short period of intense fear or discomfort where the four or more than following symptoms appear abruptly and reach the peak in about 10 minutes. Air lack, discomfort in the chest, acceleration of the cardiac beatings, extreme sweat (in the hands and the body), tremors in the hands or the body, nausea or badly to be in the belly, sensation of asphyxia (breathlessness), sensation of that will be able to faint (during the crisis), formigamento in the hands or parts of the body, sensation that will be able to die during the crisis, sensation to be losing the control or to be being wild.