To be aged is to age as a natural process, marked by experiences constructed from the first contact with the world. These moments are characterized by changes the bio-psico-social level. The physical conditions of an aged one are not more of the passed times, body, this, marked for histories of efforts and conquests. ' ' mente' ' , or the questions constructed since ' ' novo' ' , the values, before, firmed how much the life and the espiritualidade pass if to come across with new forms to think, loaded of intellectual and existenciais innovations. However, the society, in its ' ' evoluo' ' it goes if distanciando of the values and beliefs, before appreciated with as much emphasis. The social context starts to renegar the aged one, disqualifying its importance as subject. The aging is a natural and normal process, but that, in the current society, it is perceived as a retardation of the diverse requested functions for modernity