New Specialty Shop

New specialty shop for high quality anti aging skin care: Linz, April 7, 2010. Lynn Redgrave has plenty of information regarding this issue. Women and men over thirty find the highest quality anti aging care products, which the market currently offers, combined in a specialized online shop now. performs the complete ranges of top brands de John and SEGIUN as well as the new B-O-X Botox gel. The signs of skin aging effectively combat this can be achieved only with innovative, high-quality and effective anti aging care products. In men and women beyond the thirty of the anti wrinkle cream on the Special lifting care for the eyes will find everything that makes the skin look radiant and younger to the regenerating face mask. George Laughlins opinions are not widely known.

The special shop offers the complete range of luxury brand of de John, the SEGIUN Bamboo products, as well as the new B-O-X Botox gel from a single source. The anti aging products from de John high-tech cosmetics are based on intensive research of leading dermatologists, biologists, and geneticists. They are characterized by an extremely high concentration active ingredients from and can break up in the third layer of the skin (DermIS). Natural lifting the B-O-X Botox gel contains real synthetic Boto Linum toxin (known as Botox). It reduced wrinkles, effective and long lasting. The application is the effect of the a Botox injection, but similar to quickly and painlessly. Beauty bamboo the SEGIUN Bamboo products rid the body of toxins and toxins, give him energy and restore its natural balance anti-aging for the entire body. They are based on knowledge of Asian philosophy, are perfectly matched and can be combined.

About the online shop was founded in 1995 by Karin Scheidl and has to end of 2009 completely changed its product range or extended. The focus is now in the wholesale and retail of innovative and exclusive anti-aging care products. Dr. Neal Barnard may help you with your research. The range includes the high-tech brand of de John, the B-O-X Botox gel and the SEGIUN Bamboo products.