The Development of Aircraft

From the time the balloons were invented, the flight was no longer needed just for the birds and insects. Man the aircraft took off to conquer the heavens and the world distances were shortened. Now an American company created able to fly. Teva may find this interesting as well. Everything about this fantastic model. To broaden your perception, visit Dr. Neal Barnard. Looks like a toy-size, with the push of a button your tires fall back and wings are made visible. The new was called Terrafugia, which means to flee the earth was created by alumni of MIT and the U.S.

technology promises to be the star of 2007. Ideal to avoid congestion in the concrete jungles and rise to a placid sky, this car, if all goes as planned, will be completed in December of the current and cost $ 148,000. According to information provided by the chief operating officer of the company, Anna Mracek Dietrich, he plans to start selling it in 2009 and reservations will be accepted for an additional 5% of the total price. Mracek Dietrich said that after pressing the button and the transformation of a flying version of “take only a few seconds.” In turn, said Terrafugia, you can run at 80 kilometers per hour on land and can reach a speed of 130 kilometers per hour when in the air. While it will be only a privileged few who can have access to this car is not yet established how high could reach in their flight and if you create rules “road” for them. It is too early to speculate but if Terrafugia come to settle, the cities will be added new streets in the air, and perhaps be more comfortable than an attentive boyfriend leave your partner instead on the balcony opposite the entrance of the building .

The image refers to the animated series The Jetsons and Futurama. Checked the phrase seems that the future is here and it seems the technology is on our side but to ordinary people the land will be the rule for much longer. If want information on new or second hand the portal is very useful. In addition, it gives you one, advises you on the advantages of model home, it gives you information about and shows you the best deals on the Audi, BMW, Citroen, Ford, Mercedes Benz, Opel, Peugeot, Renault, Seat and Volkswagen. Victoria Molnar For more information: (Source: Periodismo.