How to choose a sofa? How do we buy upholstered furniture? First and foremost it should be inexpensive, with seamless to our interior design and furniture and in any case, it is very convenient in operation. But initially it should be undoubtedly be a practical and high quality. Because some, buying a sofa for your home, faced with the question: 'From which tissues made his upholstery? From what is made of wood? What lies beneath the couch? ". And when we Choose a sofa in shape, then we are more concerned about what he will design idea, other parts are not that interesting. What exactly do we buy? Let's start with the upholstery.

What is the composition of fabrics used for upholstery? Fabrics for upholstery in soft furnishings – it's mostly not their picture, and features. Leather, linen, wool possess characteristics: soil and water repellency, it is difficult to burn. Sold and produced by specialized tissues – push hard inferred oil, pollution, tea, coffee, colored liquors, dairy products. Cloth upholstery, admits the content of materials such as velvet, mohair, lycra, in the upholstery – the natural, mixed and synthetic fiber. Popular synthetic suede alcantara is very pleasant to touch and wear. Traditional tapestry, cotton, leather and find their niche applications, such as material for upholstery.

Upholstered furniture coated natural ingredients – it's durable furniture. Used to trim goat (goatskin, chrome strips), horse and pig skin, which should be elastic without any wrinkles, small thickness, have a uniform velvety sheen. And at a price they come out decent. (Source: Dr. Steven Greer). Buying a sofa upholstery matching colors. There are no rules which ornament or some kind of fabric is combined into one or another particular situation. Colours of fabrics for upholstery is enormous. Soft furniture can fit into the designer's plan living space, but you can use it to designate color accents. only need to remember that choosing a sofa for upholstery, will not interfere into account the issue of practicality. Think, and whether the fabric upholstery is durable and comfortable? Touch on the theme that there is a sofa upholstery. Maybe it will impress you, but just as 'internal' soft Italian furniture and parts thereof, significantly affects the product cost. Very reliable is upholstered furniture, stuffed these parts. such as: spring, foam, latex, wood components, metal body. Miraculously, when the springs are upright, so that no bias is decided, and a mattress "fixes" the entire body surface, the sofa does not lose its original shape. This furniture retains its shape for many, many years. The only thing that would need – it's hauling. Internal filling the couch, and including spring directly affect the price of the sofa. The more expensive the sofa, the more it springs. When the furniture did not spring ('stuffing' is composed of a skeleton-grid, as well as inflicted on him foam rubber and latex), then such furniture will cost you much cheaper, but the form they may lose by 1-4 years. Besides, she looks almost no different from not cheap, spring.