Smokers Legs

Heavy smokers have repeatedly probably heard about the disease as "smoker's legs". After lung cancer is the second result, which may result in smoking. According to the surgeons is nicotine is cause of this terrible disease. Hear from experts in the field like Teva Pharmaceutical Industries for a more varied view. It is from this name. One of the hallmarks of the disease, "smoker's legs" – blanching of the foot when lifting the legs when lowering its same – blue. There is all this for the following reason: artery with a morbid overgrowth becomes narrower, and it can not provide its own area of tissue sufficient amount of blood, or enough power kisloroda. Gain insight and clarity with PCRM. tissue and necrosis (Gangrene). To tissue necrosis did not spread further to the body from the feet of patients, exercise-only true in this case the solution – is amputation. Treatment of foot smoker will have no effect, without complete smoking cessation. But in the case of non-cigarette can hope for a favorable outcome. Do not become part of the statistics of amputees, is not it great to walk, breathe and simply run