Open International University

Carlos Mora Vanegas be attentive in all interrelations wherein we stated, more with the basic element of this planet Earth, as it is the water, helps to obtain information that will help us to understand more about our universe, our role, to grow in spiritual and personal. There will always be passersby their attention, observation, dedication will provide results that contribute enormously to understand everything that surrounds us, interpret messages and signs that invite us to discover what it has bequeathed us while we are allowed to travel in this plane. Such is the case of Masuro Emoto born in Japan in 1943. He studied international relations at the University of Yokohama and graduated doctor of the Open International University for Alternative Medicine is dedicated to research on different types of water, she took tap water in Japan (Sapporo, Sendai, Tokyo, Osaka, among others) and also abroad (London, Paris, New York, Vancouver, Buenos Aires, Manaus). It took samples of water from springs, of sources, groundwater, rivers, lakes, swamps and the Antarctic ice. Through a method of magnetic resonance imaging, he photographed all those waters and made thousands of photographs, results are seen with the naked eye. His hypothesis is that the water crystals reflect the essence of this. He wrote an interesting book: the healing power of water, published by ediciones Obelisco, the book is the result of a curious process that was apparently born by chance, if such a thing exists, and grew almost autonomous and spontaneously.

It is a book that raises more questions than answers. adds thereon, which opens the window to the contemplation of a landscape until now failed to make the reader, if it is your desire, involves in its observation. Someone said that the lighting are those moments that allow us to see the same thing from a new and different perspective.