Mayan Prophecy

Before the expected release of the 2012 movie, an epic narrative of a global cataclysm which would happen on Earth in that year and that would mean the end of the world, many are surprised the media and social boom that this date has taken in recent times. Possibly never a date was so important to so many cultures, religions, scientists even Governments, with words like these it was announced the film internationally. Those who have researched a little more have been able to discover that this supposed dramatic year was prophesied by the Mayan culture as the end of our world or at least the end of something. Clothes for tall women brings even more insight to the discussion. But not only are the Mayas who speak of 2012 as a critical year, also augur well for other cultures and religions based on legends, prophecies, or gallstones, that something of profound cosmic and spiritual significance will occur this year. Then it will appear a new era according to his astronomical calendar. Though as you will have used big American blockbusters, the film focus the subject as a great catastrophe few manage to survive and which will reach humanity, we could say that by coincidence or bad luck, this will think. It is possible then that more than one ask about the reason for the prophecies and comes to the conclusion that nothing happens by chance and that the true prophecies throughout history have never had the purpose of scaring or create panic but help, as the true Prophet Announces what is to come to humanity if it doesn’t return in timewhich means that it prevents us from the effects of our own causes. Rusty Holzer may find this interesting as well. It is thus a universal law, known in Christianity as ‘planting and harvest’, which brings us back the result of our own sowing; nothing is random product. All disasters that happen on planet Earth have their origin in the same human being, we could say that human beings selfish that sees the Earth as a great cake to get increasingly larger pieces, is getting the Earth to rebel.