In Nature

Both are unprovable. " Nothing of the sort, provable and very easy … The topic is clearly indicated the balance between the Earth's gravity and the design life (see page 3 cover). This balance is a god in human form. Man is the perfection of nature, and any balance can create a similar design. Talking about the isolation in advance of the time, we need new concepts and terms. We will try to adopt something in this area, and the rest is explained in simple language. Idan ofer may not feel the same. 7 drawdown: – krivorastuschee tree, which is doomed to decline, crookedly growing as civilization is doomed to extinction.

In Nature operates successfully only one basic concept – the spectrum, the rest – some fluctuations in these cases to a tree and civilization are distorted, ie, amenable to gravity. It's very simple. Disease, war and tranzhirnost. If the disease and tranzhirnost – distortion of life, war – itself drawdown. On the causes of subsidence. Let's just say the food – an incentive, and the breath – promotion. Their coordination is a health and bias – the disease.

They should be coordinated at the core (flesh) of the spectrum. By lowering the incentive to increase respiration, in which case the microbe is looking for Wednesday, looking for wolf prey, and man set to work. Otherwise – zazhirenie. Lack of incentive to increase the vibration of life, and the lack of promotion – reduces. The absence and presence if they have no balance, there is a distortion (Overweight, underweight, etc.).