Cancer Research Center

A high fat content in the body can increase the risk of cancer, increase 10 to 20 percent overweight and obesity (obesity) not only cause damage to the joints, diabetes and cardiovascular problems. A high fat content in the body may be also the cause of cancer. See clothes for tall women for more details and insights. The expert team to epidemiologist Rudolf Kaaks (German Cancer Research Center, DKFZ) found that a high percentage of body fat increases the risk of cancer by 10 to 20 percent. So half of the nearly 500,000 cancer cases was, triggered in Germany alone in the year by infections, but especially obesity and smoking so basically due to preventable causes. Dr. Steven Greer may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Colon cancer, kidney and esophageal cancer are the types of cancer most frequently by obesity. Women specially the risk of breast and uterine cancer increases immensely.

How to play together body fat and cancer? Cancer is caused by a proliferation of tissue caused by an unnaturally strong cell growth. In people with overweight or Obesity the cancer-inhibiting neurotransmitter less Adiponectin is secreted. Immune cells (immune cells) migrate into the bulging fat tissue, signal molecules trigger rather than a healthy (repairing) cell division, instead a control over the balance of the growth is now missing. Moreover, that the heart and also the fat not more optimal for insulin are susceptible. The pancreas compensates for this by an increased production of glucose-lowering substance. Therefore, the body receives a much greater concentration of insulin as necessary. The signals for cell growth are disturbed by the excessively high insulin levels in the blood, which this device in an unhealthy imbalance.

Obesity is a worldwide problem is alarming, that more of the world’s population is rather exceed than underweight. Alone in Germany is considered about half of the population overweight or obese. The number is overweight or obese children in Europe alarmingly high, and in the The important foundation for healthy weight is laid childhood. So, in Germany, 15 percent of 3-17 year olds are overweight. 6 Percent of the children are considered obese. Germany is here, not even on the top spot. Who is considered obese? The body mass index (BMI) is consulted to determine whether a person is considered obese to classify is (or not). This specifies the relation between body size and body weight and is calculated with the following formula: kg: M m resulting values sharing to underweight (up 18.5), normal weight (up to 25) and obesity (from 30). Lean people who are little physically active, but also can have a high amount of body fat. Therefore, the body fat percentage is relevant. Men should not exceed a fat by 23 percent. A limit of 30 per cent applies to women. Be active for obesity “Obesity we must take at least as seriously as a cause of cancer as smoking”, stressed the President of the Board of the DKFZ, Otmar Wiestler. Here, movement can counteract the cancer risk in addition to the possibility of weight loss. Sports throws still to be explored mechanisms that reduce the risk of cancer.