Arabian Peninsula

One of the most common species of aloe is present, or Barbados (A. barbadensis). This grass perennial very beautiful, narrow, toothed, nearly erect glaucous-green leaves, gathered in a compact rosette. Spike has a height of 60-90 cm Regarding the homeland of this species of aloe, there are different opinions. Some scholars believe that in the wild it grows in the Canary Islands and Cape Verde Islands, while others believe its natural distribution area of the North-East Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. However, since ancient times Aloe now cultivated as a medicinal herb throughout the Mediterranean, so that in many areas it is naturalized. The Spaniards brought this scarlet in the New World, where it also caught on very well and especially widespread on the island of Barbados. On this island at the end of the XVI century.

plant fell into the botanical gardens of England. In the culture of aloe are spread in India, and South China, and in some areas of Southeast Asia. There is even believed that aloe are mentioned in the Akkadian texts (2000 BC) of ancient Assyria, Babylonia, as the plant to decorate the door of the house. Some people in the Middle East is still preserved the ancient custom – Aloe hang over the entrance to the house because, according to local belief, this contributes to a long life and prosperity of its inhabitants. In Akkadian name of this sounded like aloe si-bu-ru. From this name was an Arab sabr, or saber, that means patience, endurance.