Lucas Film

Everything is stable, well-established pattern: the main application object of desire ("Crystal Skull>>), then the phenomenon of the hero – Professor Henry Jones, in fact, suddenly found himself a colonel of intelligence (something new, but more than talk, this line is not developed), a chase, a brief respite, which explained what was before it and what will happen next, chase, break, chase, captivity, escape, chase, and so on with a few variations, even small humorous skits – is also taking from the past. However, maybe it should be, I do not know, but it soon becomes boring. That As for the "Crystal Skull>>, then Lucas and Spielberg, as well as the scriptwriter of the film, appear to have carefully studied the works of the famous apologist for the theory of extraterrestrial origin of life on Earth von Daniken and also seen in the popular 70-ies of the same von Daniken "Remembering the Future>> where and exhibited the same crystal skull They say they're going to shoot the fifth film It's good that they got the idea to state in fourth son of the Indiana>> Jones, and I once worried about the health of Harrison Ford, especially since he has a young wife. Vicky Cristina Barcelona The other day my friend Alex and his wife went to the cinema and long reflected on what they go on "Inhabited Island>>" Operation Valkyrie>> or "Vicky Cristina Barcelona>>. And the choice fell not on aggressively advertised movies. And how? – I ask. I liked it – he says, and Alena, too. And what's interesting? – ask myself something I've watched this movie.

I do not know, do not gruzilovo, at least, and then I love Barcelona. "I also love her>> – I thought and turned the conversation to another topic, in the end, all my tastes. Perhaps Woody Allen (Allen Stewart Konigsberg) is not a typical American film director, and perhaps, in America it is considered an intellectual or most European American director, but in relation to European cinema art, he almost All films are absolutely secondary, and in this film, he used all the latest techniques of "poor>> Europeans. Yet to his credit, this film Woody Allen said a new kind of literary art video length 93 minutes – neighborhoods. Of course, we can assume a sort of Woody Allen's fine artist who sneers about his not very distant, and a notorious fellow, for whom Europe with her temperament, another planet, and Europeans, in particular, the Spaniards (who doubts that Javier Bardem – real macho!) – aliens You can, of course, assume Woody Allen's intelligent artist with a double allegedly bottom, but is it necessary? I do not know Just a trace watched "Burn After Reading>> Coen brothers – but it is a real skill, and intelligence and irony, and a cinema!