In addition to high-quality diet of meat, while growing rabbits get high quality and beautiful fur, which is guaranteed not lose their elegance and individuality for twenty years. For this growing all the conditions without much of your attention. Yes! It is not your observation – autonomously. Volume of feeding and water bowls for thought so that water and food to rabbits lacking somewhere for a week. Feces and urine also come in a special tray, which is changed once a week.

What's so special about this technique? A feature is a specially designed home for the maintenance of rabbits. This mini – Farm with partitions designed so that the rabbits as much as possible receive natural light and heat – on the one hand insulated wall and the other is completely open for air. With this rabbit absolutely feel no isolation from the outside world – grow up clean and healthy. This mini – farm is so simple in construction, that it can build even a schoolboy. One has only to acquire drawings, necessary tools, materials, and of course a great desire.

Mini – Farm occupies 2.4 m2 area of the site. To service the farm work of one hour is enough person per week. In this mini – rabbit farm remains healthy with no extra effort and physical effort. Rabbits do not need vaccinations and other medical intervention which can somehow interfere with normal development of natural akselerata. Now such a method massively interested in youth as anyone jump at the opportunity to feed the family, as well as more and earn. Sam Mikhailov, called his invention – a way to become rich. In the Dnepropetrovsk region there are tribal Rabbit farm akseleratsionnogo "TRIAD", which workers are willing to share experiences, breed animals, technology, assist in the profitable business for beginners and experienced krolikovodam. Consultant Eugene Genkin Stud Farm "TRIAD", Dnepropetrovsk 49 087, P / O 4411 tel. (056) 788-66-79