Landscaping Meter

All their flaws vylezut time: flooded during the rainy season, basements, leaking roofs, thin walls, problems with plumbing and other communications. They are difficult to lease, and maintenance are often quite high. If you have limited budget and are dedicated to affordable home, a good solution would be to rent the house you liked. Live in him some time, which will allow you to identify all possible gaps and help you avoid making a mistake. Land prices and construction prices for land currently range from us $ 50 to us $ 300 per square meter (11 square feet) depending on the location of the site. The plot is not too far from the beach and tourist areas of South Bali will set you on the us $ 70 to us $ 150 per square meter.

Prices of plots at the shore of the ocean (ocean view) start of us $ 300 per square meter. Property prices in the tourist Denpasar and Ubud is much higher. Initial cost of meter expensive villas start from us $ 500 to us $ 1200. This does not include: access roads, water and electricity, water pumps for swimming pools, swimming pools themselves, electricity, sewage treatment systems (in Bali is no central sewage system), Landscaping, license fees, various permits, consultations Architects, designers, electricians, etc. (All prices are for the period of the course Rs 8,900 per U.S. dollar) the best location in Bali This location is one factor, which encourages people to buy property in Bali.