The production of dermoide cyst in the ovary is rare to explain, the 80 to 90% of already present/display them to women in early ages from the 18 to 30 years to the premenopause. 10% of these types cysts are only malignant, the great part are not it. ; they contain in its interior a strange of liquid material, greasy amount, hairs, until inclusively teeth. A dermoide cyst is a strange type of alterations in the reproductive system, is of great value that take diverse diagnostic tests, like x-rays, pelvic examination, exploratory laparotoma, abdominal and pelvic ecography to identify it with certainty. If there is affection of no no ovary, nor tubes of Fallopian tube will not be due to retire these organs, but the cyst to this treatment of him is due to extirpate has called salpingooforectoma. These protuberances also called teratomas because they come from two Greek terms that mean teratos that monster means and onkomas that relation gives to a swelling so that this compound of liquid, hard matters and extremely incredible of which such are within the cyst that already I am mentioned previously. He is not prudent that as other cysts of ovary of realise puncture or aspiration by s mixes extraordinary fills up that it, always has treatment purpose of applying an internal incision that protects many of estotras so that the woman can generate if she even wishes it like in the cistotoma, if the woman is elderly and they do not have any yearning to be pregnant is come to also extirpate tero and tubes of Fallopian tube. To the physical and clinical exploration it completes is verified that the dermoide cyst in the ovary this in evolution the surgeries will be before programs but the possible thing to limit that it can push weave of other structures and bleed to burst or to have one giroversion since in almost 70% of the cases is asymptomatic and nothing harmful. You want to know how to deal with the ovarian cysts nonintrusive way? Beam Click to read Here on a method that can eliminate the symptoms in as just a short time as 12 hours.