Chaos and Radiation

The maximum celebrity of precursory Lorentz of the theory of the chaos, that &#039 says; ' Beating of wing of a butterfly in Brazil can cause an hurricane in the Texas' ' , also she is valid in radiology. In radiology, that is the part of the medicine that uses the ionizing radiations for disgnostic ends, can occur damages to the person who to receive this radiation, a time such radiation has as characteristic to ionize – to pull out atom electrons, what the molecule configuration can desestruturar, implying in real damages to the patient – as, for example, skin burning cancer. When a patient is submitted to a x-ray or cat scan, it receives a dose – amount from radiation in the part in question. Depending on the dose, two situations can occur: 1) has proximate damage or 2) have damage in long stated period. In the first one, we call determinstico effect, therefore it is determined by a dose threshold, that is, one has limited of dose in which it is certain that a damage will occur; in second, we call effect random, a purely probabilist effect, where the person can or not suffer a damage.

Let us emphasize the random effect. In such effect, as the proper name says, it has a stockage; storage of dose in the patient. Throughout the years, a person is submitted to one determined amount of examinations that use the ionizing radiations. In each one, it receives a dose from radiation characteristic of the examination? in a hand x-ray, the dose is minor who in one of thorax, that in turn is minor who a cat scan of any part of the body. This dose goes being ' ' armazenada' ' in the body, increasing the probability to unchain a cancer throughout the years. But as is a probabilist effect, a person can carry through an examination of hand x-ray? what is one of the techniques with lesser level of dose and to have cancer, or to carry through a cat scan examination? that it has high dose and not to have cancer. If one may use the expression in radiology: ' ' it is a lottery that nobody wants ganhar' '. The fact of that a small dose can unchain a cancer, corroborates with the principle of Lorentz.

The small dose would be the butterfly beating its wing, and the hurricane, the cancer. We have that to also lead in account, the call radiation of deep, that is that proceeding one from the cosmic space and of the nature to our redor, that for minor who is also can unchain cancer. If one the person to the 20 years, is submitted to a x-ray any, and to the 60 it develops cancer, this can have exactly been caused forty years behind. If it had not carried through that x-ray and taken that small dose, she would not have cancer. We conclude then, that the taken dose has forty years was the sufficient to unchain the cancer. Obviously, the cancer has many other factors associates who not them ionizing radiations, but this presented possibility real and is justified by the random effect. In the truth, any dose that a person receives, exactly being proceeding from the deep radiation of or radiological examinations, increases the probability to develop cancer. But, for to be a probability, a person can receive high doses throughout the life and nothing to happen