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Arabian Peninsula

One of the most common species of aloe is present, or Barbados (A. barbadensis). This grass perennial very beautiful, narrow, toothed, nearly erect glaucous-green leaves, gathered in a compact rosette. Spike has a height of 60-90 cm Regarding the homeland of this species of aloe, there are different opinions. Some scholars believe that in the wild it grows in the Canary Islands and Cape Verde Islands, while others believe its natural distribution area of the North-East Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. However, since ancient times Aloe now cultivated as a medicinal herb throughout the Mediterranean, so that in many areas it is naturalized. The Spaniards brought this scarlet in the New World, where it also caught on very well and especially widespread on the island of Barbados. On this island at the end of the XVI century.

plant fell into the botanical gardens of England. In the culture of aloe are spread in India, and South China, and in some areas of Southeast Asia. There is even believed that aloe are mentioned in the Akkadian texts (2000 BC) of ancient Assyria, Babylonia, as the plant to decorate the door of the house. Some people in the Middle East is still preserved the ancient custom – Aloe hang over the entrance to the house because, according to local belief, this contributes to a long life and prosperity of its inhabitants. In Akkadian name of this sounded like aloe si-bu-ru. From this name was an Arab sabr, or saber, that means patience, endurance.

Lose Weight

Girls need a high protein diet rich in fats. They normally eat small meals throughout the day. Bellies girls maintain their body weight, a diet that they take. To keep girls healthy, owners should ensure that the products that they give them girls, are rich in minerals, protein and vitamins. In addition, the diet should be limited. The increase in food ration for girls could invite serious health problems. Necessary Nutrients: The owners of the girls have to check if their pet food offers the following nutrients: 1.

Pet food should contain vital nutrients such as minerals and vitamins. One vital nutrient – vitamin A and vitamin E, which helps build resistance against many diseases. 2. Animal protein from poultry, meat, eggs and fish sources helps keep bones strong and powerful. 3. In the diet should be the right balance of fatty acids that nurture the skin and covering health. 4. Taurine, an amino acid extracted from meat sources, such as fish and chicken.

This helps in keeping the eyes healthy and prevent heart disease. Bullish support fetal growth, development and reproduction in girls. 5. Then, a source of fiber, such as beet pulp, which supports the digestive system of young girls, is also a necessary nutrient. Special Dietary Needs Pregnant or lactating girls: Guys have to take reasonable care of their pregnant girls. Increase their consumption of 50 percent of what their current diet. The owner can give food to a guy like food support girls during conception. After the mother gives birth to a girl young kittens, is gradually to increase consumption to 75 percent. Support this diet until the kittens are not accustomed to eating canned or dry food. Kittens start to eat since the food change, include the normal food again so that the mother's girl kept away from any increase in weight.

Face Care Cosmetics Crystal Youth

The technology, which became the foundation of all funds DeSheli, was scientific research for several years and after thorough testing, and testing was first introduced in the light and patented by DeSheli in 2008. Intillegentnye crystals became the basis for a cosmetic line designed, unique in resulting effect, helping to return the original youthful skin cells, thus providing a tangible result after 10 minutes! This is achieved through the composition of cosmetics from Israel, which on application is no different from the daily ritual of skin care of every woman. ‘At the heart of skin aging is a natural process – says Tatiana Shapranova leading beautician company DeSheli, – pre-defined nature. The process of natural aging, legitimate and not reversible. Currently, there are two types of aging: internal and external. With 25 years already start the biological process of aging.

Moisture content and fat tissue is reduced, the skin becomes thinner and more sensitive – so bring the first age-related changes of the skin. ‘Outer’ skin aging is directly related to lifestyle, mechanical stimuli, the amount of solar radiation falling on your face, climate variability, fad diets, stress. ” To preserve the beauty of the skin for a long time, the company recommends DeSheli: Set skin care up to 35 years (Crystall youth PRO AGE) Intelligent crystals help to keep skin young and successfully compete with the first emerging signs of aging and the aging of skin, restoring youthful, fresh and healthy appearance! Launching cell processes of aging of skin back, means the line PRO AGE give your skin a healthy appearance, radiance, youthfulness, vitality and resilience. Your skin becomes younger, fresher and retains its elastic structure for a long time! Set to the skin after 35 years (Crystall Youth ANTI AGE) Unique natural products of high concentration DeSheli return youthfulness of the skin, reaching the effect of 10 years in 10 minutes! Cultured crystals programmed skin cells on the correct frequency of the original, smoothing out wrinkles, restoring the skin texture, tightening and restoring tone and available to the young skin. Crystal Youth Funds through the skin after 35 years – a scientific breakthrough in modern technology of skin rejuvenation!

Common Misconception

Being beautiful, successful and attractive – the dream of any modern woman. In order to get as close to built in a ideal, we need a little – persistence and confidence. In order to make step toward perfection, we must understand all the nuances of the world of beauty and health. Know that is a delusion, and that can be taken on board. We present a hit-list of the most common misconceptions about beauty and health of hair.

Myth number 1. In more rare blonde hair than brunettes. Scientists have shown that there is no correlation between the type and hair color. Very thick hair red haired ladies, but their less than the other – about 80 000. In black-haired, there are about 100,000 hair and blonde – about 120 000-150 000 hair, which means that the latter have very thick hair, just their hair a little thinner. The problem with the volume of help solve perfectly matched to your type of hair shampoo, for example Clear vita ABE Volume Maxx, which nadolgopridast your hair maximum volume, freshness and lightness. Myth number 2. Grooming strengthens hair and promotes its growth.

It misconception. The only thing that changes when trimming hair is their length. Leading specialist categories of products for hair care company, "Unilever Russia" Andrey Vasilevsky explains: "It is important to remember that that the structure of hair and its condition is formed in the follicle, and the processes taking place there, to a large extent affects overall health.

Seven Steps

Agree that the foundation and guarantee of beauty is a beautiful, clear skin. But this skin without leaving boasts not each. Oily skin and acne – a problem for most women, especially young girls. How can get rid of them? The main rule here – the constant care, so to speak without a weekend for dinner. In other words, your skin should pay close attention. If today you follow all the rules care, and the costs involved are tired or just lazy, then no good there will not be.

Thus, the basic rules that must comply with each girl with skin problems: 1. Wash in the morning and evening, with the help of special tools for problem skin. From my experience I would say that I really help the resources of the company Clean & Clear. From all that I've tried, these gave the best results. And like gel cleanser Green Mama "Daisy and cranberries," also a very good result yields. But this is only my choice, perhaps someone more appropriate to something else. And cleanser should not be too aggressive. And then dry up the skin, and so she starts with even greater force to produce fat.

2. After washing necessarily wipe face lotion for oily skin (preferably the same company that gel for washing). 3. Following these procedures apply moisturizing cream or, better, if it is still matte. With nourishing creams should be be careful, they can increase the fat content of the skin, which in turn leads to increased growth of acne. 4. In any case not to touch the face with dirty hands! In general, it is desirable during the day do not touch it. From this acne only inflamed, and become more! For myself I know how sometimes it's tempting, "dig deeper", but do so in any case it is impossible! 5. 2 or 3 times a week to use cleaning mask. I prefer masks with clay or mud. Masks do not like film. The fact that the tried, my favorites so far: – Mary Kay Purifying for oily skin (Formula 3) – Yves Rocher Face Pasta 'dullness plant "with eksktraktom skullcap – and again, Green Mama cleaned plantain. 6. 2 times a week using facial scrub. But here we must consider that if the face is swollen pimples, you can not use scrubs! First you need to dry these acne masks from the same clay, for example. A I am so very helpful common salt, and tea tree oil. And both, cleans and dries the inflammation. 7. Do not squeeze pimples yourself! If there is a need, contact a professional cosmetologist. But yourself you can only make the situation worse. But the pros and cons of this mechanical cleansing I think I'll write a separate article.