Lose Weight

Girls need a high protein diet rich in fats. They normally eat small meals throughout the day. Bellies girls maintain their body weight, a diet that they take. To keep girls healthy, owners should ensure that the products that they give them girls, are rich in minerals, protein and vitamins. In addition, the diet should be limited. The increase in food ration for girls could invite serious health problems. Necessary Nutrients: The owners of the girls have to check if their pet food offers the following nutrients: 1.

Pet food should contain vital nutrients such as minerals and vitamins. One vital nutrient – vitamin A and vitamin E, which helps build resistance against many diseases. 2. Animal protein from poultry, meat, eggs and fish sources helps keep bones strong and powerful. 3. In the diet should be the right balance of fatty acids that nurture the skin and covering health. 4. Taurine, an amino acid extracted from meat sources, such as fish and chicken.

This helps in keeping the eyes healthy and prevent heart disease. Bullish support fetal growth, development and reproduction in girls. 5. Then, a source of fiber, such as beet pulp, which supports the digestive system of young girls, is also a necessary nutrient. Special Dietary Needs Pregnant or lactating girls: Guys have to take reasonable care of their pregnant girls. Increase their consumption of 50 percent of what their current diet. The owner can give food to a guy like food support girls during conception. After the mother gives birth to a girl young kittens, is gradually to increase consumption to 75 percent. Support this diet until the kittens are not accustomed to eating canned or dry food. Kittens start to eat since the food change, include the normal food again so that the mother's girl kept away from any increase in weight.