The Purpose Of Autogenic Training

It is quite clear: the problem of character and intellectual abilities in our eyes are often more significant partial physical health disorders. Not accidentally, and Schultz, the founder of the at technique, considered the AT-1, only the introduction of AT-2. However, it is impossible to master the highest level of at, without examining methods of AT-1. Deliberately to influence the emotional sphere can not only mastered the autonomic responses are all manifestations of higher nervous activity has its biochemical and physiological nature. Methodological consistency in at can be broken without prejudice to its outcome. Schultz thought the complex AT-2 core, mostly. However, this "home" at not succeed: 45 years, she has not received any significant proliferation, while the AT-1 is widely used around the world.

The reason for this in the wrong methodological basis shultsevokoy AT-2, it is rather cumbersome and excessive complexity of techniques and, more importantly, in its ultimate failure. AT-2, according to Schulz, is based on visualization of concepts and is nothing like an original autopsiho analysis. So what should someone who wants to continue training at a higher level? Do the following simple exercise: achieving autogenous dive, imagine that you are going to unfrequented avenue or alley. Act of walking to imagine with all the imaginable detail. However, you can go, changing tempo and rhythm of walking. Here and join in with this, mentally changing the characteristic distance. Very comfortable doing it, recalling the appropriate music. And if you're starting with a slow "Leading the" under smooth waltz tune, speed up the steps at a pace stately march, and then dancing under the foxtrot, you will notice that depending on the chosen tempo change your breathing, pulse, and to some extent your mood. Change the tempo and rhythm of movement and change the tempo of mental processes, the pace of experiences.