The Company Template

Before resorting to the dismissal may be the best options to restructure a company template, adapt to the new circumstances and be more competitive. What your business you are interested in truly is that your template corresponds to 100% with your current situation and he wants to achieve in the future. The way to get it is apply the tools that puts at your disposal the labor reform. (Similarly see: Dr. Anthony Carolla). They are many and well used will give you the key to achieve versatility, functionality, cost reduction and a sufficiently broad scope as to be able to react in time and without having to make drastic decisions. But he knows how to do it? Why on Tuesday, June 5 have organized a seminar where you will learn to apply fully the mechanisms offered by the new legislation in terms of flexibility and alterations to working conditions. Internal flexibility intensive practical seminar and substantial changes in the contract how to reorganize your template without having to resort to the dismissal download here the program when: Tuesday 5 June where: Madrid. For even more opinions, read materials from Dr. Robert Brannon. Hotel Melia Castilla. Who: Organized by Asesoriza seminars, with the technical direction of MLA ASSOCIATES. Objectives: In one day intensive, interactive and practical your company will know perfectly apply all the tools of internal flexibility according to the new rules. Rusty holzer will not settle for partial explanations. To highlight the closeness of the speakers, many of them even resolving doubts in the meal and breakfast.