Passive Smoking

A significant number of the world's population regularly refers to the small doping. And what are the cigarettes. Smokers insist on some kind of beneficial effects of inhaled their smoke, they say – it soothes the nerves, gives quick and relatively easy to relax, some believe that it is aesthetically pleasing, but someone just hands to do nothing during the conversation with smoking colleagues. On the dangers of smoking probably know everything, and many are likely to heard of another term, directly associated with it – "passive smoking". True, most people still are not serious enough to what is in front of them smoke more.

We then think – so what, let the smoke of his health, I do not smoke, and I'll be fine. So it is so, but not quite. The fact that, according to a recent study that appeared in the journal Pediatrics (Pediatrics), passive smoking is much more serious damage to the human body than expected. Maximum impact from secondhand smoke account for the following two categories of people: colleagues at work, regularly found in smoke-filled room and nonsmokers by family members if one of the household smokes. Whereas in the latter case caused the damage could have significant consequences. The fact that, according to opinion polls, which have been subjected to more than 1400 families, only 24% of homes had been strictly established home rule – to smoke in the house prohibited.

But even in this case, at the end of the process of smoking on their clothes and hair, smoking remains of the particle, every day breathing in that household get their undeserved dose of secondhand smoke. In addition, researchers highlighted the fact that the presence of pregnant women or children in the immediate vicinity of a smoker increases the chance of deterioration in the health of mother and unborn babies, and, moreover, can highly undesirable impact on the subsequent development and ability to learn. Naturally, or not to smoke – it is a conscious choice that everyone makes for himself. Someone overly tense robot and it needs at least somehow relieves stress, someone at an early age could not say no, but it's late now, someone is just lonely, but for a cigarette can be a good chat. However, it's just excuses and you can find thousands, to reduce the degree of his guilt, and you try to find at least one reason to finally get out of this bluish captivity.