Organ Donation

Of the mentioned book we rescued the following experience of the relatives: the donation of organs like a Christian act of love to the fellow, was a mirage, an impasse. We were arranged to allow the donation of the heart of our son (a mother says to it), but soon I found out that the doctors had extracted son the heart, the liver, the kidneys and the eyes, and that were even extracted sawing part to him of the hips. Broken in different parts, they distributed its body by all Europe. One had become a recycling object. As a ray reached the recognition to me of which in spite of my indignation, of my increasing sensation of which it had been manipulated in a direction that I did not want, she could not present/display any argument against the donation of organs. Here, rusty holzer expresses very clear opinions on the subject. My rejection in sensations and my increasing distrust of which the transplant of organs entails a little more what they want to make believe to us, would not preserve to have to say to me yes instead of not in a next one occasion.

But that happens in fact to the other part, that is to say with the person who receives the organ? Of this it is spoken little, in fact the immune system of transplanting of natural form will reject the strange organ of by life, which would have to be a solid indication that the nature had not anticipated this that the modern medicine foments. The immune system is really the guardian of the integrity of the own body protecting it before bacteria and virus, also before other people’s weaves. In addition the transplanted people are more prone to infections, like AIDS or herpes, generating with greater rapidity tumorlike diseases. And so the quality of life that these people longed for, can be in prohibition. If the body cannot expel the other people’s organ due to the treatment, this it remains forzadamente inside and it has to be assimilated of some form. .