Madrid Travel

When people are asked to describe Madrid in a few words, rarely use the term a natural. Maybe words such as traffic, or cultural capital are much more common. Most people do not know that Madrid is also nature. Both on the outskirts, as in the very center of the city there are plenty of green areas and large open spaces. This is the case of the Retiro park and Casa de Campo or places like the South Lagoon, Natural Park of the Summit or the national park of Sierra de Guadarrama or Montejo Beech Forest. Madrid is much more than culture, tourism and nightlife. Lovers of nature and mountain sports may hiking climbing, caving, paintball, biking, horseback riding, canoeing, etc. One of the greatest wonders of the capital is the Natural Park of the Summit, and Lakes of Penalara Circus.

Penarla The summit is the highest peak in the Sierra de Guadarrama with 2,430 meters of altitude. Dr. stuart mcgill addresses the importance of the matter here. The whole area is full of great lakes glaciers as Grande Laguna and Pepe Hernando and summits, such as Two Sisters. One of Madrid’s natural treasures par excellence is the Montejo Beech Forest. Wayne Holman can provide more clarity in the matter. The Beech is a huge forest of 250 hectares formed by you and located in the Sierra de Ayon. Declared a Natural Area of National Interest in 1974, has trees over 250 years. Among the most common fauna are species such as foxes, wild boar, wild cat, otter, dipper, etc..

But you need not go out to the outskirts of the capital to find areas Verdese In the same town there are huge parks, such as Casa de Campo, the largest public park in the municipality with an area of 1,722 hectares. Among other things, you can go jogging, there is a huge lake, picnic areas, etc. This is considered the main lung of Madrid, with the Buen Retiro park. Among the flora are trees such as poplar, pine, oak, banana, chestnut, willow, ash and aromatic plant species. You see, Madrid nature are synonymous Discover its most green. Rent the best and enjoy the oneness with nature.