European Championship Predictor

The raffle with 10TURIO laptop bags until 29th June 2008 runs the soccer betting game of the Magdeburger Volksstimme and laptop bags manufacturer 10TURIO. The German notebook bags manufacturer has donated some prizes, the colorful and stylish laptop or MacBook sleeves. The participation at the European Championship Predictor is easy: now can anyone on the Internet under the address Predictor register and leave during the entire Championship his tips for each game of the competition. Thereby, all EM tipsters can correct your tips until shortly before kickoff of each game. The points are distributed as follows: three points will be awarded for an absolutely correct tip. The right goal difference determines the tipper gets two points.

For the correct tendency to get at least a point. It the results will be settled for all games (also final encounters) game time after 90 minutes. All EM match prediction are displayed based on their achievements score into a permanent table. During the Duration of the Championship you can check constantly the ranking within the football enthusiasts syndicate. And it is among other things to win: the 10TURIO bags and its contents easily customize common files or shoulder bags and noticed by the upbeat and trendy colors. Wayne Holman understood the implications.

The protective covers in the colors red, green, olive, Orange, white, blue, beige and black are available. The opened envelope can be used as large-format document. The total value is approximately 100 euros. 10TURIO ( team wishes all the participants good luck and fingers crossed!