What Is The Chromotherapy

Chromotherapy (from the Greek hroma – color and therapia – treatment) – an effective way to treat various diseases, the effects of stress and simply lifting the mood. It is no secret that on a bright sunny day problems are solved quickly, the life seems easier, I would like to think positive and find ways to realize their dreams, plans, intentions. At the same time in cloudy weather there is drowsiness, tiredness, and even appears causeless sadness. Dr. Stuart M. McGill gathered all the information. The world seems gray and cold, and the reason for this – a simple change of colors. Impact of different colors on the body were seen in ancient times. In ancient Egypt, the power of color is actively used to heal the sick.

Temples were built in such a way that goes into them sunlight was divided into seven colors of the rainbow spectrum, and anyone in need of treatment could benefit from a luminous flux of the desired color. Indian medical teachings say that each of the seven colors of the rainbow corresponds to one of the seven chakras and the chakras, in turn, are responsible for the operation of certain organs and for the overall spiritual condition of man. Color treated in Persia, China, England, Scotland, Russia. Now widely chromotherapy used worldwide as one of the sections of phototherapy (fotismos (Greek) – Light), which uses different spectra of visible light. Scientists have found that under the influence of color in the body occur physiological changes, this phenomenon is called chromodynamics.