Possess charm opens many doors. Potential lovely man that there is inside you is your best kept secret and a true gold mine. Your charm is like a Pearl inside an Oyster, once is discovered and polished can shine, enriching your personality and your success. The charm is that intangible quality that resides in your interior, which when it is discovered and liberated from the suffocating container where it is contained, can add a powerful plus to your presence to generate an irresistible pleasure in others. The influence of this charm will attract, calm, aplacara and seduce any who come into contact with you. The ability to win influence over other people is directly proportional to the charm that you will be able to possess and demonstrate. The charm can be developed as any other quality or attribute of the mind, adopting and practicing some basic rules.

Adaptation, art to coincide with other people because the tune with others is the number one lesson. Find points in common. Adaptation is the recognition of the right to be other persons, regardless of whether they are in the success or error. As Voltaire said: I do not agree nor a Word with what you say but I will defend to death your right to say it. The goal is to delight, not reform. The first rule for you is be yourself. Any type of makeup, including a smile false, are not part of the game. The imitation or the action even using the best choreography, eventually killing the natural charm.

It is relatively easy to attract the attention of the people through artifice, but to influence people beyond the superficial, you must possess the real power of the charm. A smile can conquer at first sight, but of conscious charm power you need to get real results. Authenticity is the most genuine weapon which we can dispononer, it is perceived by others and any attempt to pretend to be real when it is not, is usually discovered.