The Nakedness

Are not looking after you in the way that you should do or that YOU COULD DO. We are not here to rescue anyone anything and much less when ignore us or we feel one manipulation by the other because of his insecurities. One solves the insecurities of each one is. And the teaching that you are here to prove anything to nadie(nisiquiera a ti misma) is the more valid since you are here to feel joy and happiness, not doubt, anxiety and discomfort. If you are in an important decision-making where your well-being is at stake, please, you don’t delay your ability to focus your energy completely in you and allows that others get tests that wish, but not to your person. You know what you deserve and what can give you peace and happiness.

Any relationship that is not consistent with your way of delivery, your honesty and your being cut root. Cut the root of all suffering. You’re not here to make you feel unhappy or devalued, but quite the opposite. The others should make its internal work and at the same time its external work. The comfort afforded by people passionate and delivered in form of sincere expression to others who don’t want to give anything of themselves, except eloquent phrases and do not match the nakedness of being that it is the other, is allowing them to remain in the gap for your convenience and will be better that you take an important decision and leave such a strange and unhealthy relationship. Take care yourself as if you were the greatest treasure in life and forget about what others would consider it. Take your life, your problems, your work and your relationships amorosas(las que desean una reciprocidad igualatoria), which are delivered without fear and without insecurity. Master’s degree is for those people that they are willing not to hide behind her.