Therefore It hisses standes out: During the pertaining to school period, the pupil is forming its critical identity and its capacity to argue and to create. In this phase of its life, it its concept will be elaborating on the world, and its necessity to extend its knowledge and to find answers for the doubts acquired in classroom must be supported by the available resources in the pertaining to school library and the aid given for the librarian. When disponibilizar the access to the information and instructing in search of connection in other sources; the librarian will be creating a laboratory of information through a pedagogical environment, that is much-needed for the pupil, how much the necessity to attend the content programmarian given in classroom to develop its logical reasoning on a specific substance or activity of research. Thus, the pupil will have to find the theoretical referencial in the library that he will make possible to create coherent opinions, reflexivas and critical that will enrich its participation and its accompaniment of the lessons, at the same time that he will increase its capacity to relate the learning of the school with its daily life (HISSES, 2005, p.125 and 126). The PERTAINING TO SCHOOL LIBRARY IN the CONSTRUCTION OF the KNOWLEDGE the pertaining to school library during much time was seen as local of punishment, where the pupils badly held were ordered to reflect on its action and behaviors.

However, the library is a place of construction, the constant construction of the knowledge.