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Ministry Industry

An initiative non-profit organization open to companies and professionals from the sector which gets underway with the horizon of a very close election call.Hotels Monte lends its support to the platform by a Ministry of tourism, because this initiative calls for the creation of a Ministry of tourism, lead and coordinate which group together the political actions of the various administrations and the industry itself. Hotels MONTE supports this initiative, adhering to the same, convinced that the objective is to have the opportunity of a stronger industry as well as representation within the national Government. This initiative is aware of the necessary cuts in administration policy, which are not prompted the creation of a new Ministry with a defined structure but rather reordering existing ones in order to give prominence to the country’s main industry, generating jobs of work as well as many other professional activities engine. This initiative is driven by Hosteltur and aims to give a voice and space to all those persons, companies and entities that consider necessary the creation of this Ministry. For more information: