Multifunctional Medical Beds

Multifunctional medical bed designed for the care, supervision and treatment for immobile patients at home and medical facilities. Multifunctional medical beds have adjustable sections, with different angle: head, hip and foot. Depending on the quantity of controlled sections, the bed can be 2, 3-x and 4-functional. Beds may be medical, mechanical and electrical control sections. Electric adjustable beds are controlled by a remote control, and can be adjusted by the patient, as opposed to mechanical beds. All beds have a medical back, as well as additionally provided with lateral protection. The backs and fences may be removable, which provides additional comfort for patient care.

Bedridden patients with diseases that are accompanied by prolonged forced stationary recumbent position, at risk of pressure sores education. Read more from Dr. Robert Brannon to gain a more clear picture of the situation. To prevent and treat bedsores, as well as providing comfort to the patient and substantial relief of care, it is recommended antiacarian use the system – antiacarian mattress complete with automatic electric pump that inflates and gently blows alternately separate groups of air chambers in the mattress, which provides support to the patient with a low contact pressure. This improves blood circulation at the microvascular level, provided food and saturation of oxygen to tissues. Medical beds can be adjusted by height, as both the head and foot part, and one by one. Height adjustment can be mechanical and electrical. For ease of movement of medical beds, along with the patient, the bed can be fitted wheels with individual brakes. Advanced functional medical bed may have a device to lift, with a handle grip is located at the head of the bed (as a device to lift can be constructed in an arc and attached to the head and footboard, this device has the name 'Rama Balkans'), the patient could independently get up from bed and, for example, take a sitting position. Service or bedside table (looming over a bed), a complement to medical beds provide extra comfort, for example, when eating. Functional medical bed with a maximal set of functions are, for example the German manufacturer of bed BURMEIER 4-cell medical bed Arminia II. Article Written by Administrator INTERNET SHOP 'MAGAZIN.POZVONOCHNIK.INFO' Grisha K., WHERE YOU CAN BUY BEDS MEDICAL DELIVERY.