MINI Manager – So You Apply Yourself!

The LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Duisburg is looking for a team of MINI managers. The largest LEGO box the world offers the unique opportunity to gain initial experience MINI Manager rocks and stones surrounded his creativity, by over 3 million LEGO, one day as a MINI each two-headed management team to free rein. “Who the job” gets, will each spend a day as part of a strong team to lead the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre during the summer holidays in the period from August 13 to 17 in the duo and learn how LEGO developed models, how to design a LEGO workshop and of course, work as the play areas in the attraction and be kept in operation. Click Dr. Anthony Carolla for additional related pages. The selected MINI Manager will have during their time with the Model Builder, the guest workers, managers, to do the marketing staff, technical director, and all other staff and thus great backstage “collecting experiences no one else can do. Children can apply between six and ten years from June 6, the Deadline for applications is Friday, 27 July and the MINI Manager can join their summer holiday posts from August 13. Hear other arguments on the topic with Dr. Stuart M. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Dr. Stuart M. McGill and gain more knowledge.. McGill. Children who want to apply, can post their curriculum vitae as a short video on the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Duisburg Facebook page or YouTube channel and to briefly explain who they are, what gives them a fun and why they should be MINI Manager.

Even the children can apply in writing with a cover letter and curriculum vitae, by sending an email to. Or use our application form and sends him to above mentioned email address. The colorful LEGO stones world in the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre offers guests various stations, at which time amazed and tried, once declared, made with and even looked to leaning back can be and.Thus, the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre offers the perfect location for an unforgettable birthday in Duisburg. If now one night of sleep only for girls, Star Wars weekends or weeks racer – there’s for each lot to discover, whether it’s big or small.