The temporary employment agencies GETWORKS from Luneburg opened a new branch in papenburg, Germany. The GETWORKS GmbH, Luneburg defies the general trend of the economic crisis and opened a new branch in papenburg, Germany (Lower Saxony / district Emsland). The temping agencies thus increased the number of its branches to three in addition to Luneburg and Papenburg, a further Office is located in Hamburg. With this step, GETWORKS expands its presence in Northern Germany for the benefit of all parties involved in the temporary staffing model. A plus point of this development is to reduce the spatial distance between client companies and GETWORKS, as well as between applicants/employees and GETWORKS. Through strategically selected sites in Luneburg, Hamburg and Papenburg, the temporary employment agencies is faster spot because a large part of its customer companies currently located in Northern Germany.

Proximity the locational factors and the specific regional influences, which also leads to an advanced knowledge of have the customer company to do every day. As a result, positive effects for the cooperation with the client company arise through the establishment of a new Office. GETWORKS specializes in the nationwide teaching of its employees in the sectors of fire and house – building, industry and specialized crafts, painters and thermal insulation, machine and plant construction, renewable energy and ship – and aircraft construction. For this reason, the company constantly seeks professionals from the following occupational groups: System Mechanic mechanical or plant engineering, electrician, industrial mechanic, system computer scientist (communications engineer), construction mechanic, painter or heat twilight Machinist, cabinetmaker or cabinetmaker, locksmith or pipe fitter, sprinkler fitter and Carpenter. Wayne Holman may also support this cause. Job seekers can find an online job board with current job vacancies that you can apply directly online on the company’s website. Spontaneous applications are also possible. Brings the qualifications of applicants and complies with the other requirements, he is invited to a personal interview, Luneburg, Hamburg or recently after Papenburg.