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The Nakedness

Are not looking after you in the way that you should do or that YOU COULD DO. We are not here to rescue anyone anything and much less when ignore us or we feel one manipulation by the other because of his insecurities. One solves the insecurities of each one is. And the teaching that you are here to prove anything to nadie(nisiquiera a ti misma) is the more valid since you are here to feel joy and happiness, not doubt, anxiety and discomfort. If you are in an important decision-making where your well-being is at stake, please, you don’t delay your ability to focus your energy completely in you and allows that others get tests that wish, but not to your person. You know what you deserve and what can give you peace and happiness.

Any relationship that is not consistent with your way of delivery, your honesty and your being cut root. Cut the root of all suffering. You’re not here to make you feel unhappy or devalued, but quite the opposite. The others should make its internal work and at the same time its external work. The comfort afforded by people passionate and delivered in form of sincere expression to others who don’t want to give anything of themselves, except eloquent phrases and do not match the nakedness of being that it is the other, is allowing them to remain in the gap for your convenience and will be better that you take an important decision and leave such a strange and unhealthy relationship. Take care yourself as if you were the greatest treasure in life and forget about what others would consider it. Take your life, your problems, your work and your relationships amorosas(las que desean una reciprocidad igualatoria), which are delivered without fear and without insecurity. Master’s degree is for those people that they are willing not to hide behind her.


Us young we always walk with little time usually eat anything before you go to work or school which is damaging to our health by eating very often non-natural, processed and synthetic food leave in our body toxins that besides being bad for our health are generating fat in our body that eventually translates into kilos more and overweight. Now that is about this understand even though I work out always a part of my body with fatty deposits that I can not download, typical there that by exercising more you do not achieve delete that chubby you both tormenting. What is recommended for us young people is that at least once a year we desintoxicamos our body, in order to dissolve the impurities which are accumulated in our body to eliminate them. To detoxify our body we need to do is a monodieta of SAP syrup, do you not know it? Syrup is a dietary supplement 100% natural which removes impurities from our body in its entirety by cleaning our body inside. Syrup of SAP to clean your body will make you download weight because all that fat and toxins that have been accumulated in your body generates extra kilos. Original author and source of the article


Therefore It hisses standes out: During the pertaining to school period, the pupil is forming its critical identity and its capacity to argue and to create. In this phase of its life, it its concept will be elaborating on the world, and its necessity to extend its knowledge and to find answers for the doubts acquired in classroom must be supported by the available resources in the pertaining to school library and the aid given for the librarian. When disponibilizar the access to the information and instructing in search of connection in other sources; the librarian will be creating a laboratory of information through a pedagogical environment, that is much-needed for the pupil, how much the necessity to attend the content programmarian given in classroom to develop its logical reasoning on a specific substance or activity of research. Thus, the pupil will have to find the theoretical referencial in the library that he will make possible to create coherent opinions, reflexivas and critical that will enrich its participation and its accompaniment of the lessons, at the same time that he will increase its capacity to relate the learning of the school with its daily life (HISSES, 2005, p.125 and 126). The PERTAINING TO SCHOOL LIBRARY IN the CONSTRUCTION OF the KNOWLEDGE the pertaining to school library during much time was seen as local of punishment, where the pupils badly held were ordered to reflect on its action and behaviors.

However, the library is a place of construction, the constant construction of the knowledge.

Access Memory

What you need to do to store in your quick access memory is: 1 – give importance information example: the name of your partner is a very important information, which you have also put great emotion by what it means for you, to make verses with his name, you dream it, put you color, etc. It is very important the brain detects this, labels it and sends to quick use. 2 It is repetition. We repeat it and repeat it the brain defines it is important example: your phone number, repeat it, record it, write it, type, etc. until you bring it into your memory for quick access if any of these 2 things your brain sends it to the memory of Normal use and it stores it, but does not give importance. Then our goal, our goals, our dreams where you should find that memory, in the rapid access or Normal use?, in what you want to be?, I know that at this moment if you ask what are your dreams for this year? Or what is your most important goal this year? Perhaps printi in answer, because perhaps you defined it only on December 31, you wrote it, or dreamed it and nothing else happened, your brain not been detected the importance or repetition then that we need to do to configure and work on our destiny this is very easy: 1 – set your dream or your ideal but put what want not what you think if you can easily reach.!!! Example lose 10 kg weight and put a date. 2 Dale value and importance – namely starts the next day at the gym or even starts from morning to walk every day for at least 30 minutes, starts to eat healthy, thinks about being healthy, being healthy and live healthy for your brain to bring it to the short-term memory and this with you 24 hours a day so liveyou eat, dream and breathe.

3 Sets out the rules and the action plan-here you have to set dates for what you wish for the end date example to May this year, because I’m also going to go to the beach in summer and I would like to see me fabulous, put photos of how eras when tapeworms that weight or put a photo of the body as you would like to see you and stick it in the refrigerator and with phrases under it like eating healthy, live healthy and be healthy. 4 Monitors your progress measured as you progress and achievements will have every week, every month or every certain date and measure your progress if you have not arrived, that you have failed, have been complicated, etc.

Theoretical Systematization

How originates the anguish? The present article presents a proposal of theoretical systematization of the destinations of the concept of angstia1 in the trajectory of the thought of Freud, searching chronological to display the construction of this idea. Although diverse authors to present innumerable publications on the subject, will have as reference only the reflections of Freud. I will deal with here arcabouo minimum theoretician that I considered indispensable to approach the practical one of the psychoanalysis, made through some clippings in the workmanship of Freud that they aimed at to reach the considered objective. Of beforehand I affirm that he is not easy, however, to establish a miniature one when this discourses to make one ' ' recorte' ' in the psicanaltica theory, in the measure where he is formed by a tram of interlaced concepts, where one always sends to the other. In its clinic, where it says of the patient constitua to it the matrix of its knowledge, Freud was come across with the permanent complaint of the anguish (independent of the clinical picture), of which all complained of they told as being its bigger suffering (FREUD, 1917/1996: 393). This subject is sketched in a series of manuscripts sent by Freud the Fliess, between 1892 and 1895, being able to be synthecized initially by the following present stretch in the Rough draft and, intitled As if it originates the anguish? (FREUD, 1894b/1996) – ' ' Everything what I know the respect is the following one: soon one became clearly that the anguish of my patient neurotics had much to see with sexualidade' '. (FREUD, 1894b/1996: 235). Interpellated for its hesitation, Freud followed behind answers, betting in the discovery of solutions, and searching to apprehend even though what in the anguish if it finds in game, (in the analytical relation) without restricting, at any moment of its workmanship, a universal direction to this affection.

The experience of the anguish does not lead for the reason of its despontamento. In contrast, what acomete the citizen if presents in such intensity that the arrebata to a paralisante suffering, or, insinuated in its speech, as one ' ' mal-estar' ' , without reason apparent, if becoming incompressible. In the world where the citizen is inserted today, in an atmosphere of express social malaise for this ' ' mal-estar' ' physicist, impactado for diverse forms of violence and suffering, the presentifica anguish if in its body. In this direction, well-being is searched immediate: farmacolgicas drugs, consumption of illicit drugs, therapies with happiness promise, something that serves to disable the citizen to question its different expressions of ' ' mal-estar' '. Through the readings, I evidenced that Freud granted to the affection of the anguish a place each more important time for the understanding of the psychic processes, being only the capable one to announce the arrival of a pulsional danger, of a traumatic situation that would leave I without resources.

Protracted Illness

In some cases, protracted illness, of course, it is best to consult a doctor, but try to find a doctor who is familiar with medical starvation. Outcome of the fifth thesis – at least for a time of fasting eliminate smoking and medication (in this case it is likely that you will not return to them and after). 6. Age to starvation. Periodic fasting is usually recommended over the age of 12 to 60 years. But for children big time for anything, they just day a week, you can sometimes extend up to 3-4 days. For persons under 50 and over: your body is almost a third of its weight is made up of toxins, waste, pathological tissues, etc.

At the beginning of starvation intoxication you can be excessive and you will be hard. So you start with small timing is critical. Month two – day week. Then, gradually, will increase the time. The sooner you start, the faster be able to recover health, to prevent development of serious diseases. 7. Work during fasting.

If you do everything correctly, fasting does not interfere with your work. Of course, if you are engaged in heavy physical labor, then the period starvation and release, you should either go to the "easy" activity, or take a break from work. For office workers, no significant changes in their lives do not need. Easy employment even useful – you are distracted from their feelings and the days go by faster. By the way, in any case not prolezhivayte all day in bed, feeling will be worse. I repeat – walk in the fresh air and exercise – are required. In this, dear readers, a brief tezisnoe exposition let finish. If you are interested in the details, you always can get them on my site for therapeutic fasting: Get information, ask questions, and correctly use such a powerful tool as starvation. Always remember – the best way to fast natural healing, by eliminating the root cause of almost all disease – poisoning the body accumulated over many years of toxins, wastes, pathological altered tissues, etc. Having cleared from your body with them, you get rid of the causes of diseases and illnesses themselves so easily go away naturally and permanently. Health to you and your family.

Carnival Bathed

If Carnival is time to say goodbye to flesh, nothing like take advantage of this pagan festival to counter this habit with a much more original and healthy product: tea fun. And it is Saboreateycafe, the network of establishments specializing in the purchase and taste of teas – always with denomination of origin, bet because we enjoy this date trying out this unique liquid. People are anxious to get out, enjoy, and disguise themselves. We want to add a plus to this celebration with an infusion that will further favour the intensity with which they live these days, says Mario Rubio, President of Saboreateycafe. And, do you drink fun carnival? The answer is simple. Thanks to the natural and stimulant components from which tea is made us fill of positive sensations. Each infusion has a number of properties that make them conducive to certain situations and even ailments.

With fun have sought a tea that serves as a foretaste of the summer season. With a base of tropical fruit and red tea, we want to create a feeling of harmony with ourselves, which once achieved make us feel happier and more able to enjoy holidays like these, says Rubio. This is formulade fun – red tea pu-ehr: famous for its healthy properties. Reduces cholesterol and helps to lose weight. -Coconut: its function is diuretic and stimulant of the digestive processes. It is also rich in calcium and potassium.

-Lemon grass: a relaxing, antidepressant and expectorant effect. -Mint: it detoxifies the skin and relieves headache, in addition to promoting the digestive processes. -Papaya: the main characteristics of this fruit are its reinforcement of immunity, its soothing and analgesic function of pain and suefecto about the care of the skin, facilitating the tanning and the Elimination of stain and eczemas. -Handle: Contains tryptophan, from which generated seratina hormone, known as the hormone of happiness since it helps to feel better and not have negative thoughts. In addition, they have a high defensive power against the degradation of cells because there is no excuse for not fun this Carnival, te apuntas? Note for the journalists to extend information, management of interviews or graphic material shipping, do not hesitate to contact our Press Office. Mirian Lopez Nuria Coronado Tel.

How To Lose Weight Quickly

Many of us yearn to know how to lose weight quickly, we imagine thousands of aerobics classes, running out at dawn, complex exercises, a lot of money on machines, etc. Well I'll tell you, the main tool is closer to your nose than you think: your mouth. Burn fat eating can be accomplished, here is eight tricks to achieve it. 1. Eat slowly Come slowly to help your body absorb nutrients, allowing you to feel full faster without overeating. In your stomach takes 10 minutes to tell your brain you are full, eat slowly to give it the time needed to notify, without the need to serve more. Has the time of food, enjoy a moment, forget about your obligations, leave the stress and eat quietly. 2.

Eat May 6 times per day Do not let your blood sugar levels fall between your meals. Eating more frequently, the right foods (low glycemic index), let your blood sugar levels are maintained throughout the day, and ensure that you stay active in the afternoon (without sleeping or yawning) while you lose weight. You suffer spikes in your blood sugar when you eat refined carbohydrates and this potentially (if you do any physical activity) will be stored as fat. This trick is essential for you to answer how to lose weight quickly 3. Desayuna! Eat a good breakfast strong and start your day will help energize your body to be ready to start the day, especially if you like exercising in the morning.