World Health Organization

It is noted that this pilot project to fight with the so-called drug-resistant TB supported the World Health Organization, and planned to implement it with the financial support of the charity fund "Development of Ukraine" (corporate fund company System Capital Management). The presentation was noted that this project includes five main patients scheduled to use the program DOTS. Did our experts do not know that the WHO experts have recognized the program ineffective?? Do not know the experts that the presence of drugs in developed countries yet neither can stop TB? According Bakhteyeva, presented a national project, now largely a problem of TB control rests on the lack of funding, as well as a lack of proper attention from the authorities. But, excuse me, but did not know Bakhteyeva that, for example, in the U.S. with adequate funding of TB control programs and with sufficient attention, the authorities have recently increased the number of simultaneously began to appear resistant forms, terms of recovery increased, there were more malignant form of tuberculosis. And the stronger were the means to become more resistant tuberculosis pathogen. Why? There is no answer to this question. Did not know the experts that the direct effects on the pathogen in the test tube, he is always amazed by all available and used drugs, ie, in vitro pathogen has never been tuberculosis, which has been devoted to the bacteria that causes this common disease.

In an interview with Professor Thomas Dixon noted a phenomenon that has been one of the topics: – "Another issue that has long worried health professionals: from initiation of therapy until recovery takes place up to six months, although other infectious diseases are treated with antibiotics ten times faster. Moreover, in vitro antibiotics kill bacteria very quickly, but in Isolated tuberculous education and in macrophages. Therefore, the root is not true that acquired mycobacterium, some invulnerable antituberkuleznymi drugs, resistance.