Transfer Factor

On the functions of the human immune system published many books, thousands of articles, many of theses are protected, so writing about the body's immune system makes no sense. We conclude only this: no immunity will not be you without a good no immune health, because the human immune system is the only thing that is between a man and all sorts of aggressors. And no man koy be in this life, nor once engaged in are not the problem of rehabilitation or enhance personal immunity. And if you do not see what you wanted, it's time to get acquainted with transfer factors. Despite the fact that hundreds of individuals now cured of the most dangerous diseases due to transfer responsible for some of the most important for the human body functions: powerful, fast and highly improves the immune system in the event of a shortage;-inhibits human immune response by inhibiting the destruction of cells (autoimmune disease); appearance. And absolutely all of the data transfer factor advantages proved and confirmed by thousands of all sorts of experiments and practical application of more than one year. Application of Transfer Factor will cure you of millions of the most severe disease. And in 1980, making a new breakthrough: scientists have found that transfer factors are identical in all vertebrates and therefore their supplier is not only a man. This news is very encouraging because this drug will require more and more needed reskrs inexhaustible.