If challenges himself with a variety of difficult exercises and eating well, is very likely that it burn fat and muscle to form. But surely it is good to find some additional way to make things flow more quickly. That’s why it may be interesting read about scientific studies on topics such as the form of medium chain triglycerides can help people to lose weight (and they are not interested in taking pills to lose weight). The MCT found in coconut oil are particularly difficult to convert and store in the form of triglycerides to your body. This can work in your favor, since fats are sent to the liver in its place, causing an increase in Thermogenesis. A study was conducted to determine how the MCT affect the storage of fat in animals the MCT and fat storage. Three diets to animals during a period of 44 days, including a diet low in fat and two high-fat diets were provided. One of diets high in fat It contained mainly medium chain triglycerides, while the other contained mainly (LCT) long chain triglycerides.

Surprisingly, not much difference in the accumulation of fat between the low-fat diet and LCT groups, with 0.47 there grams per day and 0.48 grams per day each. However, the MCT Group had a storage of fat from just 0.19 grams per day. In other words, the Group of MCT stored 60% less fat. If this applies equally to humans, eating a diet rich in MCT really would help accelerate their efforts to lose fat. This would be particularly true in combination with a reasonable diet. In a study in humans demonstrated that basal metabolic rate increased on average 8% more after eating a meal rich in MCT that after eating a meal rich in LCT. If you want to increase your MCT, coconut oil can be the way to go, since it is full of MCT. In fact, these MCT are similar to the MCT in human breast milk.

You can simply add a little to your energy shakes, or coconut oil make a part regulate his diet. Ideas for enrichment with coconut oil: eat vegetables freidas in coconut oil. Eggs, fish, and poultry can also be fried in coconut oil. Make your own mayonnaise coconut oil. Make your own coconut oil-based salad dressing. Replace the butter on your popcorn with coconut oil.