The Conversion

Choose a place or a finished house, arrange a bank loan. 5. Delete unnecessary expenditure, to be practical, to postpone a trip abroad, hire a designer of landscape and interior or to take special courses, to enlist the support of parents. Now sit in a chair, Close your eyes (to the surroundings did not prevent us mentally transport ourselves into the future), and imagine that all the work – you have achieved the goal.

Just imagine a real (and not so “well, okay, all presented that Next? “). If your goal – a house with a fireplace, then try to imagine myself in this house, see the mental walls of the house, smell, hear crackling fire in the fireplace, imagine your garden tea party on Sunday surrounded by family under an apple tree, for example. And now, presenting his dream to reality, say, just be honest – you are comfortable in this environment? This is really what you are missing in my life and that will fill its meaning? Are you happy? By answering these questions, I think you’ll see where to go and what to do. Because the approaches to the goal at all different, as are the target. So what are all individually and then I can not help you. If you do not ‘skive’ and come to take it seriously, then, if convinced that you really need, you will turn quickly to transform a desire to make your dream a reality. And you’ll see many obstacles (and where not) will no longer appear to you such insurmountable.

Stimulus – a very powerful thing. Well, if you are not inspired with, you feel the desire to immediately begin the conversion stories in profit (after all, life is fleeting, should not be delayed for a long time), then It is not your dream, or it is not relevant for you today, and you just got used to it (to me personally this was). Try it! After all, you do not lose anything. Well, maybe just an hour and a piece of paper. But it’s better than years of dreaming, but did not make a step forward. And it is no secret that the first step is the most difficult. In any case, I wish you good luck! Beauty, health, positive – three components of success!