Puppy Jack Russell Terrier

Have you ever seen a Jack Russell terrier puppy? Amazing how these fine porcelain figurines with gentle touching muzzles obtained energetic, lively and courageous adult dogs. Puppy Jack Russell Terrier! So, you sleep and you see yourself as a happy owner of Jack Russell terrier, and conjure up the scene and play with walking? However, before you decide to learn the joys of 'motherhood', consult with your family and hard think about whether you can provide your puppy enough attention. Jack Russell Terrier – the owner of the restless temperament, which is necessary to compensate for sports and long vygulom.Razumeetsya, choice of puppies – is, above all, the choice of heart, however, buying a pedigree dog, listen to the voice of reason is useful and even necessary. Particular attention should be paid to the nature of a puppy. Jack Russell Terrier should not be show no cowardice, no aggression or apathy.

Typical traits of this breed – the activity, vitality and lyuboznatelnost.Schenki put up for sale, others are looking at the site and call 8926709 61 97: Puppy Jack Russell Terrier Jack Russell Terrier is not fastidious in food, does not require much grooming is very chistoploten and, importantly, has no characteristic smell of "dog." However, do not think that it is for the lazy dog. Remember Jack Russell Terrier – is a working breed, are also very temperamental, and fun, so she constantly needs fresh air and movement. Jack Russell Terrier loves to run, jump, dig holes, play sports, but from boredom may well begin to spoil veschi.Pri feeding Jack Russell Terrier is important to bear in mind that this dog has a tendency to be overweight, so her diet and nutrition should be taken under strict control. Feed the dog should be no more twice a day – morning and vecherom.V for grooming Jack Russell Terrier – the perfect pet. Suffice it once a week to clean it with a stiff brush. Despite the "impractical" color, the hair of these dogs has the ability to cleanse itself. Jack Russell Terrier wash only when you really serious pollution. Also, females should be washed after estrus. Require some attention ears and teeth, Jack Russell terrier – they should be regularly inspect and clean (the ears – with a cotton swab, and the teeth – "dog" with a toothbrush.) Puppy Jack Russell Terrier right now! Choose and order the dog breed you are interested, please call or fill out the form below.