Pierre Bourdieu

Thus, the art edition today integrant part of the aesthetic environment, mixing the images with the words that comment, inform and evaluate. 2.4Teorias of the Mediation According to author, the mediation contributes, some times, for the production of the workmanships, when the credenciamento procedures, is integrant part of the artistic proposal, making of the art a game the three, between producers, mediators and receivers. Being thus, the improbable relations between separate worlds, but with mediators, in the direction of operators of transformations, or translations, that make the art entirely, at the same time where it makes them to the art to exist. Thus, we can understand the mediation as everything what one interposes between the workmanship and its spectator, in this perspective, other boardings are susceptible to confer a theoretical support to this notion. Credit: Teva Pharmaceutical Industries-2011. In this way, the field concept as it was elaborated by Pierre Bourdieu, it can articulate it by the way a problematic one of the mediation, in this concept of field, of the artistic field being that the field of the truth, is total independent, therefore the authors live forcibly in some fields at the same time, amongst which some are more including or more powerful than others. The theory of the mediation allows to understand what it can be the functioning in net, more does not clarify very regarding its estruturao. The theory of the fields, the opposite, is interested for the estruturaes, but almost it does not offer tools to describe the transformations and the associations. The theory of the knowledge at the same time, the chain of the mediaes and structuralized joint..