Pidgin English

Speakers of pidgin usually develop habits of production of words in their native languages. MORPHOLOGY the categories grammatical gender, number, case, person. Verb tense. Mode, and voice, are almost absent from the pidgin languages and Creole, as in many other languages of the world. Not only pidgin is a language devoid of grammar, as he said many times. Melanesian pidgin has three parts of speech inflected such as pronouns, adjectives and verbs. Other parts of speech as names, propositions, adverb and conjunctions are invariable but are distinguished according to the types of combination in which they appear.

In other varieties of Pidgin English, specific criteria to distinguish classes of linguistic forms are different, but the basic structure is similar. SYNTAX the basic types of combination in phrases and clauses found in pidgin are the same as what is found in English; again many details of syntax are different. LEXICON now vocabulary is restricted (about 700 words in Chinese pidgin, Melanesian 2000), each word has necessarily a broader meaning that you would have in English. Also for many concepts pidgin uses phrases rather than individual words. The meanings not natives of pidgin words often reflect the social structure of the natives.

Speakers of English are often surprised when other changes of significance. VOCABULARY not English the ratio of elements in English pidgin derived from non-English sources is small, approximately 2000 words in Melanesian pidgin, not more than 10% are of origin not English. Of these, perhaps half are Melanesian and a quarter are loans from German, there is a rest of several languages: Malay, and there are other three romance sources. The percentage of non-English items in Chinese pidgin is even lower. RESTRUCTURING in English to pidgin, the main grammatical features reduction they have been maintained as part of the system, the dichotomy between the subject and the predicate, (the use of phrases that function as parts of individual speech) but often with features that are either identifiable.