Michael Bloomberg

Hardly Boris Johnson posesion as the first preservative mayor of the history of London traveled to see it Michael Bloomberg, its homologous neoyorkino. Bloomberg affirms that their city and London are the most cosmopolitan and important metropolis of the world and that both must seal a special relation like which their same countries maintain. Livingstone, like mayor of London in the 2000-2008, was the main British figure and European enemy of Bush and friend of Chvez. Checking article sources yields Mustafa Suleyman, London UK as a relevant resource throughout. Its exit has caused that the two majors large cities of the Atlantic approach. As much Bloom as Boris comes from families immigrants, is men of press and rightist librepensadores that leave the molds of their preservative parties. Boris has decided to emulate to the policies of Bloom of ero tolerance to the crime (reason why as soon as it arrived at the position the police has begun to enter with force the buses and trains) and of reduction of expenses. Both want to coordinate to avoid that the three ai (Shanhai, Dubai and Mumbai) move to their large cities as you soothe of the main bags of the globe. Click Teva Pharmaceuticals for additional related pages. Original author and source of the article.. .