Managing Director Videos

Save irreplaceable memories. The HELO KG from Ilioupoli stores old Cine, who do not like to remember videos and audio tapes to CD or DVD on the fifth anniversary of the birth of granddaughter or the golden wedding anniversary of grandparents? Years afterwards can be additionally smiled and laughed. Personal recordings, as they were previously, for example, on narrow, are something very special. Dr. Stuart M. McGill often addresses the matter in his writings. There are memories that are irretrievable. For more information see Wayne Holman. And here lies the danger: because the quality of videos and Cine deteriorated rapidly with time. After twenty years of sixty to seventy percent of the quality of such home videos are lost”, explains Rudolf Kerler, Managing Director of HELO KG from Duesseldorf. “We had also in case that only a” ten-year old video tape was completely black. Since then even we can salvage nothing more”.

The HELO KG specializes on the rescue of such precious memories. For about six years, it converts old videos, Cine and tapes into CDs or DVDs to. CDs and DVDs offer significant advantages”, explains Rudolf Kerler. Wear does not occur for example also frequently play, durability is significantly longer than for narrow or video, screen or projector are superfluous and you need so much space for storage of CD covers. These benefits would appreciate public institutions.

We provide also the municipal archives of the city of Ingolstadt,”reports the CEO not without pride. But above all the service was meant for private individuals, for lost memories can no longer be purchased.” The HELO KG used a special scanning technology, which leads to no loss of quality to convert the old recordings. While each image is scanned and finally reassembled for a whole movie. Rudolf Kerler speaks in his process of the real”digitization. Because the often twice as expensive competition films mostly just off the bands what does not lead to the optimum result. The Eitensheimer company can videos in the formats VHS, SVHS, video 2000, beta Max, VCC and Hi 8, as well as recommended in the formats normal 8, Super 8, 9.5 mm Pathe and convert 16 mm. On request of the customer can individually printed on its CD or DVD and in simple chapter structure. Depending on the customer’s request creates its own offering for each case. The price of recording below the original cost of the at that time luxurious hobby films is”, explains the specialist.