Kundalini Yoga

Tell me a need or some objective you want to achieve and very likely within the large resources that Kundalini Yoga has you will find the tool to meet it, known here as. Tools: Kundalini Yoga has a series of tools or resources that you can take to comply with many of your needs and life goals, such tools are: Mantras (sound power) for example: Sat Nam. Har, Wuaje Guru, etc. Body postures. For example: cobra posture, the posture of the triangle, the posture of the Archer and many more.

Meditations. To rejuvenate, to conquer a large force, to develop the intellect, to cultivate the wise mind, and many more. Mudras (positions of the fingers) by ahem, Gian Mudra (thumb and index finger together) which is to cultivate higher States of consciousness, and many more. Kriyas (exercises with a given target series) for example: Kriyas to harmonize all Chakras, Kriyas to strengthen the entire body, Kriyas to detoxify the body, Kriya to reset the field electromagnetic and many more. Pranayama (breathing). Breathing long and deep, breath of fire, breathing of canon, breathing by the right nostril, breathing by the left nostril, and many more. And Numerology Tanrika and Akara elaborate based on your date of birth to learn important aspects such as your strengths and weaknesses, the Mission of life (the as, so that you were born), Kundalini Yoga meditations, exercises, and the way of life (such as meet the mission or purpose of life) specific for you based on your date of birth and many more aspects. Achievements: For example if your tell me that you wanted to improve your economy there are meditations with Mantras to achieve it, or also on the basis of your Numerology based on your date of birth you can tell which are the exercises and meditations of Kundalini Yoga which can take you to achieve it, or if you want to improve some aspects such as: interpersonal relations health rejuvenation work or profession creativity intelligence peace and inner wellness personal safety and many other aspects.

All you have to do is learn meditations, mantras and exercises that take you to achieve that which can be known through the constant practice of Kundalini Yoga given by a teacher – adviser who can also prepare your Numerology based on your date of birth to show the paths to follow to achieve all this. Kundalini Yoga practice with the guidance and advice of a teacher and meet many of your needs and achieves many of your goals and objectives. By Eloisa Chavarria Sobre the author: La DRA. Eloisa Chavarria is an expert in Gestalt psychotherapy and corporal, master of Kundalini Yoga. It has helped hundreds of people to solve your stress and anxiety as well as poor results in life. To read more of his articles that will allow you to have more information on how solve all this visit: original author and source of the article