Healthy Relationships

Accept your mistakes is difficult but not impossible when love is inside your heart is speaking for you. If the case is to defend your point of view, have no fear of the reaction that you think the other person will have when you face, just when the situation is calm and without offenses involved, no one has reason to fight. AMIGA A few years ago I met a couple where she an exemplary wife, who loved her husband without limits, it was good in everything, always pleases, arranging for the whole environment welfare of Elah .. and he loved his own way, fulfilled his obligations as head of the family, but always a but there was something he did not like, somehow something was wrong when he came home perfect, the reasons could be many and the truth is that I do not mind, I want to do with this story is that the wife bear this situation for almost 20 years, got sick, not eating, was eating the depression, but sadness is not it? In all that time she had not the courage to tell the world what was happening, can you believe it? Everyone has a limit, but do not wait 20 years to fill you with courage and speak or to accept that all is lost, the separations are very harsh and cause much pain, but no worse nightmare carry inside, why? stop spending so much time, why? Do not talk 10 years ago maybe the solution would have been another and the marriage had been saved. The children are suffering the consequences, HABLA Y HABLA YA, fill VALUE once and for all.

I tell you that spouse reacted and worked hard to recover after my friend spoke, but it was too late, and had lost and that was the price he paid, now almost four years later has not built a new life waiting for her, and she is completely happy with a new life. My advice is that if you love a person, whatever their relationship with you, solve problems as they are presented, immediately clear your doubts do not leave for another day, will not be too late by the time you decide. Act now and be happy. ALWAYS WORTH TEN. Humans if we meet someone that supports our way of life without problems, never think we need to change, until the day someone makes us see our mistake and decided corregirloa .