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Advanced electronic signature: authenticates the identity, but also allows you to carry out advanced commercial transactions and contracts. The electronic signature guarantees then: the authentication of the parties. It ensures the integrity of the electronic document. It ensures that the signatories may not disown it, i.e. they may not deny their existence and legal validity. In summary, the electronic signature is more secure than the signature on paper, since it is encrypted and is harder to plagiarize.

Invoice electronic/telematic Las telematic invoices or electronics have the same validity as the original invoices, provided information which contain both the issued, as received, are identical. There are two principles that guarantee the authenticity and integrity of the invoice telematics, based on the application of technical mechanisms of certification such as electronic signatures. These principles are based on: the authenticity of the origin of the electronic signature the integrity of the content of the invoice electronic/telematic because the electronic signature certifies the identity of the issuer and the non-modification of document digitally signed can emit and receive telematically invoices in electronic format. The electronic invoice is transmitted by electronic means (e.g. email, web portal, etc.) by the transmitter and the receiver registers them and kept in computer support, so helps your query and print anytime and from remote locations. The issuance, distribution, registration and manual maintenance of the invoice, i.e. all previous treatment, it is no longer necessary, since it can be done directly on the electronic file generated by the issuer. Telematics billing not only saves on costs related to the issuance, distribution and conservation against the invoices on paper, but it also achieves a significant simplification of administrative processes.

Regarding the registration and preservation of invoices, must be taken into account, that these must be filed while respecting both its original content, and the chronological order of their issuance and receipt. Although only should be preserved in support role Some documents, during the prescribed, the tax administration may require at any time to the employer or professional transmitter or receiver, its transformation into readable language, as well as its broadcast in paper. For example, invoices using the advanced electronic signature obtained through the certificate can be sent 2 CA class of mint and stamp factory. This certificate is one which accepts Spanish tax agency. Article 88 of the law on VAT, provides for the possibility of issuing invoices via telematics. That article provides that the conditions and requirements shall be determined by regulation. This development takes place by order HAC/3134/2002, of 5 December, by resolution 2/2003 of February 14, the General Director of the State tax administration agency, as well as by the order EHA/962/2007, of April 10, by which certain provisions on invoicing develop telematics and electronic preservation. At the time of Choose a solution for managing invoices telematics is important to take into account the ease of integration which it has with our processes and existing applications. Here ends the second.