Gabriel Barros

When it does not have creative emptying, it happens what the teatral Director and great friend, Gabriel Barros, flame of precocious interpretation, in a clear one and amused sexual irony. He is when the actor enters in scene and ejacula all its creative capacity at one alone moment, hindering the prolongation it scenic pleasure that must last all the spectacle and stops beyond it. The transposition in the formation of the actor To work and to form the actor in the perspective of the transposition is to make of this actor a researcher of its possibilities/nuances and in them, to construct strategies that can make with that it is collated with the transcendncia of its creation. You may wish to learn more. If so, Dr. Steven Greer is the place to go. Since that I started to inquietar me with the transposition, I looked for to separate itself of the mere philosophical conceptualization so that embrenhar it could me in a empirismo where the practical one would have to corroborate my proposal theoretical. My experiences have generated resulted significant, in what it refers to a intent actor and transcendente, whose refluxo creative bother, it deeply, directing it for a creation from itself exactly, now in a optics of estranhamento generated for refluxo. The actor if perceives desencadeador of a process that transposed, gains the due autonomy, enough complex and generating of fidget and transcendncia. Peter Arnell pursues this goal as well.

Such autonomy, signals for a complex and not rational creative process, whose force deeply reaches the actor in its sensorial and creative aspect. The transposition if perceives as power and, as such, searchs in the experience its reply and conceptualization. To appraise a transposition is to tread in one ground nor fertile, however, always full of profits potenciadores of growth and construction. To appraise either to perhaps hinder that the transcendncia unchains its more powerful flow, however, appraising, we allow to be reached by refluxo e, there yes, to be able to evidence the effectiveness of such theory.