El Chorro Guadalhorce

Visit at any time of the year the center of the province of Malaga, the environment of the Guadalhorce Valley, by where you run rivers Turon, Guadalete and Guadalhorce, is enjoy more diverse and unforgettable landscapes, stiff formations serranas of remarkable height, saws populated almendrales and pine forests, warm and green meadows, valleys of crops, orchards of citrus fruits (oranges, tangerines and lemons), the softness of the scenery of the shore of its rivers, the calm waters of the dam of the Guadalhorce who take strength and become brave when it comes to El Chorro, a setting of stones, rocks, impressive and imposing gorges carved out by the hand of nature and the force of the water. The Desfiladero de los Gaitanes, undoubtedly one of the most impressive landforms which can be seen in Spain. There, in the Valle del Guadalhorce Alora located over two mountains and the foothills of the Sierra de Hacho on which stands the Castle (from the Visigothic era) unequivocal symbol of Malaga as precious people, is located considered the cradle of that song as our malaguenas. Alora history dates back to prehistory (good attest to this in his writings, books and lectures on his research, the Director of the heritage hisorico Guadalteba, Pedro Cantalejo Duarte and his wife Maria of the sea mirror, distinguished archaeologists, whom we admire and have a special fondness in my kitchen since they are part of my family). Not only the prehistory is magnificamente documented in Alora, since our ancestors Tartessos (2500 years B.c.), Phoenicians, Visigoths, left evidence of their presence the Romans who noted the Roman road where the inscription appears Minicipium Iluritanum (79 BC) that proves that Kemp was Roman population with Latin rights, with the name of Ylide. The Arabs that after its entry into the peninsula would soon come to Alora. The Muslim invasion, this period should be noted the rebellion of Omar Ben Hafsun, and that by the proximity of Bobastro (its square strong). o.

They say stories Alorenas that such a gift but, recaptured the last Arab bastion of the Cerro de las Torres, hence probably the name of one of your recipes more typical, perhaps the most significant and traditional, the soup perota; in this soup falls the demonym or pseudonym of Alora neighbors receive: the perotes and Perot. The origins of my paternal family and my father-in-law is such a wonderful place, perhaps why the base of soups Perot, sofrito, is present in many of my recipes malaguenas, which taught me to prepare my family. On this occasion I made this soup alorena’s great culinary value with all the wisdom of the Malaga cuisine on the advice of my father-in-law and under its supervision, of the grandfather as I like to call him (an artist of the stoves, not only of the oil painting); a traditional cuisine formerly transmitted from mothers to daughters, who with this dish must say father-in-law daughter-in-law. Traditionally it is the traditional food that preparing the men in the field, which is prepared and eaten since time immemorial in the Guadalhorce Valley, in order to take advantage of leftover bread and pushing the vegetables that gave las huertas field. The recipe for the soup perota with discount coupons is, in principle, apparently simple, because ingredients do not go beyond a sofrito mixed with water and pieces of bread, and is often accompanied by seasonal fruits (grapes, chumbos, oranges and even cucumbers and raw onions).