The curiosity is part of the nature human being, has curious of all the styles, discrete, exaggerated or impatient. Curious it attracts curious; it tries to be motionless, observing some point, you will see that many people will repeat the gesture, exactly without nothing to see. Wayne Holman has compatible beliefs. She has a positive side in being curious, success people normally are curious and go in search of its ideals. Some curious ones if disappoint, are the case of a man who received a prize surprise and, guess which age the prize? A necktie of small balls! Walking for the street, a woman stopped in a house whose door was opened, was not possible to see the interior of cmodo because she was covered with a blue curtain. She had a plate: ‘ ‘ He does not enter, or you will be more um’ ‘ , plus one what? Without hesitating, the woman entered and left muttering.

Thus she occurred with some people who entered and leave the house, laughing or generally annoying. In the truth, the interior of the house did not have nothing impressive, what it called attention was that, the walls and the ceiling were covered for mirrors, one of them with the phrase: ‘ ‘ EXPOSITION OF CURIOUS, IS VINDOS’ WELL; ‘! A man came preparing a trap to capture a rat that was bothering, every day placed a piece of cheese in an old mousehole. It happens that the cheese disappeared and the rat continued alive! What it would be happening? Intrigued, it observed the mousehole intently, it perceived that the same one more remained with the unbroken arrestors and the rat each time fat person. It decided to test the mousehole, the cheese left, not before grasping and hurting the fingers of the man whom it needed to immobilize them! After all, you are curious?